The Finances of HOG

Transparency is very important nowadays, especially for fund raising organisations. We fully support that and present here information regarding the source of our funds and our policy of spending.


Our association is mainly financed by contributions of our members, promoters and donors. Besides that we receive financial support from foundations and other associations. The preparation and implementation of our training projects are time intense. Our volunteers receive no remuneration. We only reimburse travel expenses for the trips abroad. The volunteer lecturers have to close their practices in Germany during the training sessions in project countries. They are not compensated for resulting loss of income. Because the association is so big some of its income must be used for administration. We are required to keep a record of donations and of all project expenses. You can ask to see the accounts of the association at our office at any time. Moreover, at the first member assembly of the year, the members have to approve the budget for the current year. At the same time the board of directors is relieved from implementing the previous year's budget. Promoters and other interested persons are allowed to participate at this meeting. The finance office in Hamburg regularly inspects the status of a non - profit - organisation and the charitable nature of HOG.

The certificate for tax exemption can be found here.

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