Project Work at HOG

How we operate

When the request for a project comes to our attention we first have to find a small group of volunteers who are willing to undertake this project. The project leader, trainer and treasurer are usually subsequently chosen from members of this group. With the support of the vice-person and the fund-raiser, we then make an official proposal.

The preparation for such a proposal can take approximately one year. A suitable cooperation partner has to be found. An initial inquiry- trip may be necessary.specific goals for the projects have to be formulated and there should be a plan for the financing of the project. If the proposal Has been approved by the board of directors, the nomination of posts such as: project - leader, training - leader, treasurer and public relations officer can be confirmed by the managing committee. Afterwards a small group will advertise for additional collaborators in the project ... and the work can begin. For additional information please refer to "How do HOG projects operate?"

To ensure the long-term success of our projects we mainly undertake training projects we set up on-site training and work experience to prepare future students for fieldwork. Through this homeopathy will become known in this particular place.

The ability of project members to work in a team is of great importance here. At a practice with a team of therapists it is very important to make detailed reports with rational for choice of medication and it's strength. Only then can continuous treatment of the patient be guaranteed. Then the students will understand what kind of treatment to provide in the future. (Please, refer to "Homeopathic treatment")

For this kind of work we need colleagues, who have at least five years experience of practical -work and it would be an advantage to present a certificate at one of the certification centers:

  • SHZ - Stiftung Homoeophatie Zertifikat
  • BKHD - Bund klassischer Homoeophaten Deutschland or
  • DZVHAE - Deutscher Zentralverein homoeophatischer Aerzte.

The next step is the establishment of local homeopathic training. This can be done in different ways depending on the need. There can be a difference between e.g. teaching midwives, like those in the Kenya project, who at the beginning could not read or write, and teaching students, such as those at the Bolivia project, who had already practically completed their studies in a different field.

The tasks of a project are varied and versatile. To prepare our collaborators for their tasks we frequently offer training in divers fields: for tropical diseases, for project management, inter cultural communication, teaching abroad, schooling in HOG's own Curriculum, - it is a colourful variety of themes. Work for the project as well as work on the board of directors is voluntary.

The office in Hamburg co-ordinates the various tasks. The colleague who is working there is our first point of contact, for all questions, which she will pass on when required. She is responsible for the entire administration of our members. In the same way she supports the management committee and participates regularly in their telephone conferences. For questions of finance and publicity we are supported by a fund-raiser.

Please also read under Initiate a project.

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