April 2011

Travel report April 2011

We are being welcomed by splendid sunshine and the typical clear air. Now, at the end of the rain period, the environment is exceptionally green. After one day of acclimatization, we visit the coca museum and meet with Henry, the organizer, and Lea, our interpreter.

The welcome by the students is very affectionate. Meanwhile, the organization of the student group is running smoothly so that we do not need to take care of classrooms and the teaching practice.

So far, the concomitant instruction in conventional medicine has not got started. We emphasize again how important the basics in anatomy, physiology, and pathology are. Without this basis, a good homeopathic treatment is not possible, and we emphasize that we cannot hand out the certificates at the end of the course without sound foundations in these subjects.

Our request bears fruit and at the end of our stay the medical training has been organized within the group. Two of our students are doctors. From now on, every second Saturday Yvonne will review the homeopathic syllabus in the morning, and in the afternoon Sandra will teach the medical foundations. On the first Saturday of medical training almost all the students are present.

On the second weekend we carry out an intermediate examination. It serves for self-assessment and is supposed to show us and the students at which level every single participant is and what they have to repeat. We still see considerable differences in the comprehension of homeopathy between the students and study groups. Not everybody has the same amount of time to deepen the knowledge acquired, and the ones who joined later show deficits despite the great support of the study groups.

Again, the instruction is very vivid and a lot of good questions come up. Most of them are not comprehension questions, instead they show a good perception of homeopathy, take the discussion further and deepen the instruction. We also have a lot of fun. The acting depictions of Nux vomica and Lycopodium are fit for the movies and screamingly funny.

At the teaching practice, a lot of patients are waiting for us and our schedule is filled quickly. We get a lot of good feedback. There is a very impressive case of a young man who had been quite restricted in his sense of life and his lifestyle by coordination disorders, tremor, and weakness. Meanwhile he is much better, only his feet tremble from time to time, and he feels more comfortable being with his friends. He can live his life in a normal way now.

One to three students regularly take part in the treatments, experience the positive effects of homeopathy, and get trained in the practical application of their theoretical knowledge.

The second Sunday of our trip is April 10, the birthday of Hahnemann. The group decides to perform a ritual for Hahnemann's birthday on a mountain outside of La Paz this afternoon and to celebrate the project and the world situation as a whole. The ritual comprises sacrifices and wishes to “Pacha Mama”. The sacrificial spiral is built, and one after the other deposes the sacrifice brought along and utters a personal request. We are surprised that most of the participants emphasize in their wishes how much it means to them to be able to study homeopathy and how grateful they are to HOG for organizing this.

It is quite moving to see how much this training means for every single one, and during the ritual we realize how much esteem they have for us.

We return to Germany very positively and content and with the feeling that the group has consolidated and that something very good is developing in La Paz.

Anke und Traudl


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