Intercultural communication and understanding

Intercultural tutoring

In every foreign country you do not only find a different language but also different non-verbal communication, different culture, which we have to respect if we want to start a project there.

It makes a big difference if we are in Africa, South America or in the Orient when conducting negotiations, teaching students or examining patients. We have to be aware of our role as teacher, we have to be a role model, and we have to respect the customs abroad. If a translator helps us, we have to take responsibility for him. We have to make sure that he understands what he is expected to translate. We need patience if German timeliness is not taken for granted everywhere.

We also have to respect local conditions. If people in a country often have to starve, the generalities “desire” and “aversion to” can not be considered as significant as for people in saturated societies.

Shortly – we have to understand our students and their lives, we have to walk a mile in their shoes, so that we can show them the great potential – as well as the limitations – of homeopathy.

The homeopathic drug "Sabina" on symbol cards
The homeopathic drug "Gelsemium" is explained using hand-crafted symbol cards

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