Qualified Homeopathy

Quality Standards

Homeopathy can prove its worth only if all therapists stick to special quality standards.

Hahnemann claimed “Copy – but copy exactly!” On the other hand the Organon of the Healing Art has got the subtitle “aude sapere”, which means “dare to be wise”. It is essential both to preserve proven remedies and to be open-minded to changes.

Just because homeopathy is being attacked for various motivations, it is essential for us to stick to defined quality standards. Aim is not to favour one homeopathic movement but to make homeopathy transparent. For basic training the Organon gives a rough preview.

We should teach as a standard that the full anamnesis consists of  a spontaneous report, a completed spontaneous report, a guided report, an anamnesis (memories = life report) and the family history. We have to compare the symptoms of the anamnesis with symptoms of a remedy. Our prescribing a remedy has to be understandable as well as the choice of potency and dose rate, knowledge of potential reactions and care during the healing process. Records of all these facts have to be kept minutiously in order to assure high quality in homeopathy.

ICH (international association of homeopaths) and ECCH (European association) have consistently been dealing with standards in training. Since 1998 associations and schools have been meeting at quality conferences. Two certifying organisations have arisen: BKHD (association of classical homeopathists in Germany) and SHZ (foundation homeopathy certification). Both organisations certify therapists, tutors and supervisors. DZVHA (German parent association for homeopathic physicians) awards the homeopathy certificate. SHZ certifies training in homeopathy which sticks to certain standards. The HOG curriculum consisting of 30 lessons in theory and additional practical tutoring meets these standards.

If you want to teach abroad you should proove your knowledge in classical homeopathy by passing an exam at one of these certifying associations.   As a tribute to our work SHZ offers HOG members the tutor certificate without charge if all criterions are fulfilled. Maintaining the certificate is at your own expense.

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