July 2013

It is about the recognition of homeopathy in Bolivia


La Paz


We arrive in La Paz on July 26. The weather is wonderful and we hardly suffer from Sorochi, the mountain sickness. Temperatures in winterly Altiplano hardly vary from summer but the sun warms us and even in the small clinic in the craft center temperatures are quite acceptable.  

In 2012 our students passed their exams after three years of training in homoeopathy. Now it is our job to supervise their independent work. This weekend the students present various cases from their practice. We are quite pleased to see that their anamneses have been taken carefully and according to our rules. We introduce a Spanish repertory program and train finding symptoms and the according homoeopathic remedies at the computer.  

But there also are administrative tasks concerning the acknoledgement of homoeopathy in Bolivia. We tread two pathes: firstly we prepare our class records for authorization of the course by the Ministry of Health, and secondly the local NGO “Enlace” offered the possibility to integrate our course into the program of the public university of La Paz.  

Anja Kraus and Christine Wittenburg  

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