March 2014

How will things proceed? Wouldn’t it be desirable to keep up the treatment with classical homeopathy?




Reunion after a longer interval

We arrive in La Paz on Thursday, 13 March. Quite quickly we have overcome the flight and the height adjustment, so that on the same day we visit Henry, our organizer.

Last year, after having finished the 3-year basic training, we had taken a longer break. All the more we are happy to see our students again. The students have the same feelings. The group is fragmented but happy that we have come back.

The first morning goes by with a greeting round and telling each other how everybody is doing.

Then we talk about the Ministry, Asociación, and treatment permission. So far, there has not been any progress, and we have brought along a report on the training which Alfredo, our “ambassador”, will take to the Ministry. The problem is that currently there is no prohibition for treatments in Bolivia. This could change quickly, though, with a change of government.

Our permission dating back to 2009 is not valid anymore.

During our stay we mainly want to supervise our students’ cases and this way train repertorisation and subsequent prescriptions, and differentiate remedies. This practical work is very effective, and we use the upcoming questions and problems to discuss theory over and again. This is taken up frequently and with enthusiasm. Most of the students even show up in time – and this really means something in Bolivia!

We repertorize in Spanish with our netbook and cast the image on the wall with a projector, so that everybody can see it and all can work together as a group. We keep telling them that they do not need a computer for their work and that we only use it to facilitate the teamwork. We pay attention to use small categories and to choose not more than 4-6 symptoms, so that doing it by hand is manageable. Furthermore, choosing the symptoms is the most important part of the work: Without thinking about what to feed into the computer the result will not make sense.

Two of our students make a contribution:

Alfredo, our shaman, gives a very interesting introductory lecture on the healing methods of the Aymara. He also makes a connection to homeopathy.

Yvonne, the physician in our group, gives a lecture on „clinical anamnesis“, a very good lecture which summarizes all the important facts.

Modesto invites us for next year to take part in his yoga and meditation courses.

Birgit has a special “delicacy” for us again, a movie, in which the chief characters are to be analyzed homeopathically and/or miasmatically. This time it is “The odd couple” with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon.

Time has passed quickly and we have already reached the last round. What did you like, what was less attractive, and what are your wishes for next time?

Generally it can be said that they have learned a lot by “taking apart” the cases, and they have understood how important it is to come together in work groups. They are happy that a part of the group has got together again.

All of us have realized after these three weeks that it is still really important to give this group our undivided attention. Even though the students already work homeopathically, they are still insecure and have to gather experience, like all of us when we started. They have taken up the supervision enthusiastically and we believe that it has encouraged them in their work. We are quite impressed by their homeopathic work, not only regarding the number of the presented cases but also their ways of guiding the patients and the courses of the cases. 

Edeltraud Snajdr und Birgit Delleske

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