May 2010

The volcano outbreak in Iceland delayed our second trip to La Paz by four days. Nevertheless, the city greeted us with a beautiful sunrise and the fresh air so typical for the city.

The first few days we were very busy with organizational matters. Due to the delay the first weekend had to be postponed and we needed to inform the students, some of which came from far away.

Teaching in La Paz is a joy. The students have easy access to the basic ideas of classical homeopathy and the concept of the life force. The philosophy of traditional medicine in the high Andes and  the philosophy of classical homeopathy is very similar. There was a very fruitful exchange between the tradition of Aymara and classical homeopathy. We all learned a lot.

In addition to the lessons practice (“Consulta”) is key. Even at this stage of training, we began to treat patients, and already in the second week, mainly family and friends of our students came to the “Consulta” to seek treatment.

There were many patients with physical and mental illnesses, and to a significant extent they responded very well to the treatment. The confidence that these very fine people brought us was touching, as well as their stories.

We hope that we were able to help and that our students enjoyed the experience as much as we did.

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