In the light of recent events we want to present our position to an important topic

Treatment of HIV/AIDS

Comment on the attitude of HOG towards homeopathic treatment of patients suffering from HIV/AIDS

1. The ethic policy of HOG gives priority to the patients’ well-being. 

Therefore our colleagues have to offer promising therapies to patients suffering from severe illness (HOG Ethic Policy, Art. 4.2). Medical indications for referral are part of our training.

2. Up to now there is no scientific proof of effective homeopathic therapy of HIV infection.

Therefore HOG actively supports antiviral therapy in training and treatment as far as we face this topic in our work. HOG does not conduct special programs on this topic. 

3. Complementary homeopathic treatment can be useful.

Therefore it is useful to discuss case reports about years of follow-ups in India and Africa and to urge scientific research.

4. Our active support of antiviral therapy in treatment of the HIV pandemic helps to reach people who are critical of conservative treatment for traditional, religious or ideological reasons.

Therefore we agree with international activities for prevention and treatment of HIV.


We invite media and critics to a critical but fair discussion.




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