March 2010

The ambition of our March visit to La Paz was to begin basic training in homeopathy.  

After we had taken some time to adjust to the climate – which is necessary, otherwise you regret it in the following days - we began to work on Wednesday, March 9. We met with Henry and Alfredo, the organizers of the student group and were amazed by what they had already prepared. Henry had distributed questionnaires and a course description to future students.

We settled the issue of translation at the weekend seminars and bought a cabinet, patient records etc. for the practical part of the lessons. The next day we prepared scripts and lessons. The lessons were held, partly in lack of fresh air, at "Valle de la Luna" and in the courtyard of our hotel.

On March 13 and 14 we held our first weekend seminar, with 6 students and no "management" on the outset. This apparently is normal procedure in South America, firstly because of the mentality and partly also because of the long journeys.

When we continued our lessons on 20./21.3., we already counted 22 students. Henry, Alfredo and we were very pleased. The group was very mixed, both by age and by knowledge (doctors, healers, chemical engineering, lay people who want to help their families ...), a fact that proved to be very beneficial, because the participants respected each other and shared their experience. From the beginning we had a very good feeling about the whole situation.

We were always treated to lavish lunches, to which we contributed our German chocolate, which was very well received… We had planned for three days of practical lessons per week.  There were already patients waiting for treatment, but we had no or unreliable translators.

In the end we treated without a translator, ie. with our limited knowledge of Spanish, English and hands and feet ... We did our best and so did the patients, some of which brought their own translators who spoke some English.

After the first two educational blocks and six days of practical teaching, we saw that something very valuable had developed. We were greeted farewell with a ritual "Thanksgiving to Pachamama" and do look forward to coming back!

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