Taller de Intercambio

Five ‘nacionaldidades‘ exchange their knowledge about traditional medicine and learn homeopathic First Aid



Dramatic political decisions of the government of Ecuador concerning petroleum production in the rainforest more and more endanger the existence of many indigenous peoples and increasingly affect the health status of the population. People in Puyo suffer from a deteriorating health status - health care is being guaranteed by the government but is extremely poor - as well as the loss of their cultural identity and independence. Thus the knowledge about traditional healing methods is invisibly dwindling away from the indigenous peoples.

The Ecuadorian rainforest partly is a real old-growth forest. We were impressed by the great variety of medical plants as well as the indigenous’ knowledge about phytotherapy. ‘Croton lechleri’ for example produces the dark-red ‘dragon’s blood’, which is one of the most important remedies healing injuries in the rainforest.

In September 2014 our project started in Puyo in the province of Pastaza situated at the border of the rainforest. Indigenous from five different nacionalidades exchange their knowledge about their own medical plants and learn basic homeopathic First Aid. Thus we support the guardians of the rainforest.



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Motto:    ‚Dios, Patriy y Libertad’ (God, Homeland and Freedom)

Official language:                          Spanish

Recognized regional languages:   Kichwa, Shuar

Capital                                          Quito

Government unitary presidential constitutional republic

President                                      Rafael Correa

Area                                             283,562 km²

Population                                   15,223,680 (2012)

Density 53.7 inhabitants per km²

Gross domestic product (2011)

- total (nominal) $ 66.38 billion

- total (PPP) $ 127.4 billion

- per capita (nominal) $ 4,424

- per capita (PPP) $ 8,492

Currency US-Dollar

Anthem ‘Salve, oh Patria’