Fact sheet of Ecuador

Project Ecuador | First homoeopathic Aid in the rainforest

Occasion| Request from a community

Task| Training of health commissioners from indigene villages in homoeopathic first aid | 30 medicines for acute treatment | Intercambio: Exchange of the participants from different tribes about their own medicinal plants

Project start| First exploration tour 2012 | Course since 2014| 2 journeys per year for teaching

Success| Approx. 15 participants| 11 medicaments for acute treatment so far| A very successful exchange (Intercambio)

Donations are used for | Travel expenses of HOG collaborators, teaching material, homoeopathic medicine

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Information of Ecuador

Area   283,561 km²
Number of habitants 15 Mio

Density of population 55 habitants/ km2

Official Language  Spanish