The Journey Continues

Whenever you travel, you have to think about many details: what will happen, what can we expect, what do I have to take with me? When we travel for HOG, it’s the same. There are many things to prepare, especially for a young project. This is the second teaching unit. We need vivid teaching materials, pictures, hand-outs with correct Spanish translations. Will all former students be there again? Do they all know about the course? Are there any new students? Many questions, we are excited.

Our project in Ecuador is a bottom-up project, i.e. we develop it from the bottom to the top. There is no superior authority conducting the project. The participants are our partners in this project. Thus, all partners are responsibe – at different shares. For us that means we have to develop structures, e.g. finding a classroom, organizing meals or accomodating students. We have to discuss or think of all these details – as well as clothing for the rainforest.

What can we tell about the trip? The project has improved. There are 22 students of different tribes: Huaorani, Quichua, Zápara, Achuar, Shiwiar. We were invited to hold our class at a farm – for free. One afternoon we had a wonderful „intercambio“ (exchange) of the cultures.

Yet, there is a lot do do. At every trip we visit one village in order to understand their health problems and to adopt our lessons. Their experience with homeopathy shall be documented for later evaluation.

The journey continues…

Martina Günther, November 2014

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Motto:    ‚Dios, Patriy y Libertad’ (God, Homeland and Freedom)

Official language:                          Spanish

Recognized regional languages:   Kichwa, Shuar

Capital                                          Quito

Government unitary presidential constitutional republic

President                                      Rafael Correa

Area                                             283,562 km²

Population                                   15,223,680 (2012)

Density 53.7 inhabitants per km²

Gross domestic product (2011)

- total (nominal) $ 66.38 billion

- total (PPP) $ 127.4 billion

- per capita (nominal) $ 4,424

- per capita (PPP) $ 8,492

Currency US-Dollar

Anthem ‘Salve, oh Patria’