Homeopathy meets indigenous healing in Ecuador

The town of Puyo, a melting pot of indigenous life, where Achuar, Shuar, Zápara, Huaroani and Quetchua live and survive together.

Our second meeting

The rainforest of Ecuador and its inhabitants have been under considerable pressure during our last year of planning homeopathic training. Dramatic political decisions of the Ecuadorian government concerning petroleum production in the rainforest more and more endanger the existence of many indigenous peoples and increasingly affect the health status of the population.

This summer, our second trip for planning a homeopathic ‘escuelita’ (span.: little school) led us to the small rainforest town of Puyo, a melting pot of indigenous life, where Achuar, Shuar, Zápara, Huaroani and Quetchua live and survive together.

Here they meet and discuss, they try to express their interest in stopping the increasing destruction of the forest. Many families from various rainforest regions have stranded here looking for work and health, which is not ensured any more in many forest regions.

People in Puyo suffer from a deteriorating health status - health care is being guaranteed by the government but is extremely poor - as well as the loss of their cultural identity and independence. Thus the knowledge about traditional healing methods is invisibly dwindling away from the indigenous peoples.

Apart from the great interest in homeopathy and the their easy access to understanding energetic and holistic healing methods, the interested indigenous have developed a vision of their own.

During the homeopathic training they also want to revive knowledge about their own medical plants and thereby create a ‘Centro del Intercambio’ (Center of Exchange), a place where we all can learn together.


Entering the modern world as well as the modern world invading the Amazon areas of Ecuador cause many health problems for the indigenous. They told us that some of them can not be cured any more by their traditional healing methods.

Many young people have the vision that learning homeopathy and reviving their traditional healing methods as well as converging those two can be a chance to combine modern and traditional life and independence.

We, the visitors from HOG, were touched by the networking of the people in Puyo and in the rainforest, and we were ashamed of the visible awareness about a common responsibility.

Creating a ‘Centro del Intercambio’ is not only a promising project for all participants but also - apart from a lot of work - a great gift for all of us.

Marion Boehm, Ecuador 2013


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Official language:                          Spanish

Recognized regional languages:   Kichwa, Shuar

Capital                                          Quito

Government unitary presidential constitutional republic

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