Final Report, May 2008

„Home“ - this was my first thought upon arriving in Honduras for the first time 16 years ago. Ever since, this country does not let me go, and I keep returning. First as a nurse in a children's village "Nuestros pequenos hermanos" (our little brothers and sisters), then as a tourist guide, later with "Homöopathen ohne Grenzen".

This year I was there again, following a request of “our” homeopaths in Honduras. As always, it was a beautiful but also a sad, tiring, and frightening trip. On all trips, there is one thing to be sure of: Every year the situation in the country gets worse.

The situation of the country

Corruption, violence, crime, unemployment, poverty in all areas; the situation escalates in an unbearable way. Meanwhile, 30.000 children and adolescents in Honduras are members of organized armed criminal gangs, so-called "Maras"! They raid villages, build road blocks, hi-jack tourists, kill politicians. The police and the army usually stand helpless and inactive in front of these crimes.

After dark the roads are empty – too dangerous. Our courses end at 4 p.m. to give all participants the possibility to reach their homes by daylight. Public transport has become so insecure that none of the participants were willing to use it!

During my stay, 8 persons were killed over the weekend in the capital  Tegucigalpa! Almost every day shocking news can be heard. Robbery, murder, and attacks are part of the daily life. There are no families that have not fell victim yet. My much-loved visits of the city, on the markets, and the cross-country trips by bus were not possible this year. Even taking a taxi was too dangerous in the eyes of my friends. I did not take one step without escort in these two weeks.

Two thirds of the population live below the poverty level. More than 30 % are unemployed – although even the “chewing gum sellers” are included in the statistics as self-employed persons. Crime often is the only solution. Almost daily one of the many small branch banks is being robbed! About one third of the people do not have access to health care. Additionally, more than 60 % of the HIV/AIDS cases in the Central American region are registered in Honduras.

Even nature seems to conspire against the country. There had not been any rainfall since October 2007. The soil, bushes and trees were burnt, and what seemed to me like rain clouds in fact were huge clouds of smoke. On the last day, the day of my departure, the long-awaited rain finally came – and along with it 8 hurricane announcements. The first one was brushing through the country shortly after our departure.


"Our group”

All the more welcome was the meeting with “our” homeopaths. All of them are still participating, and all of them work with it. Some have taken the chance for further qualification in Mexico, Guatemala or Spain. Some have started themselves to teach small groups.

Once a year a convention of the homeopaths of Central America is being organized. The location changes, so that every year a different country is hosting the convention. The transnational cooperation is working very well.

Meanwhile, the regular courses are finished. Every now and then lecturers from different countries are being invited. At the moment a doctor (member of Homöopathen ohne Grenzen/ Canada) teaches emergency medicine and basic medicine with complex  homeopathic remedies. This is not much liked by “our” homeopaths but has found new followers.

The three groups that have been taught by Manfred Braig have formed different small study groups that regularly meet.

Three homeopaths regularly visit the children's village and have developed a program to impart the basics of homeopathy to custodians and teachers of the village. Thereby they hope for a more effective cooperation and more success.

Formation of an organization

Unfortunately, there are also some negative things to report. Just like in Germany,  a cooperation between laypersons and doctors is almost impossible. This is the reason why our idea of founding "Homöopathen ohne Grenzen" in Honduras failed. Just as well, the formation of an "Associacion de Homeopathia" failed. The group of doctors want their own organization without access for laypersons. Contacts to the university have been established but here as well the admission for homeopaths, homeopathic teachers, is a problem.

Dreams of the future

Many of the homeopaths have presented interesting and impressive cases. A lot of them have their own practice and earn money with it! Meanwhile they dispose of very good and substantial knowledge. Meetings with the others are very helpful.

Once again they want to try to found a common organization "Homöopathen ohne Grenzen". They hope for assistance from our side.

And what else do they wish for? That Manfred Braig comes every month to teach them!!!

Report from Gabriele Kirchmann, Naturopath, Project Manager Honduras

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"Libre, Soberana e Independiente"

(= spanish for "Free, souvereign and independent")

Official language: Spanish

Capital: Tegucigalpa

Form of government: presidential republic

Surface area: 112.090 km²

Population: 7.989.415

Population density: 68,2 pro km²

Currency: Lempira

National hymn: Tu bandera es un lampo de cielo

National holiday: 15 September (1821 - independce day