Travel Report 2002

Dear members,

the following aims were on the agenda last year:

ñ Continuation of the instruction courses until November 2002

ñ Helping others to help themselves: Instruction by participants of the training in Honduras

ñ Start of a new study group

ñ Settlement of accounts

Continuation of the instruction courses:

Due to the incidents of September 11, the next visit to Honduras did not take place until March 2002. The focus of the instruction was set on practical work, anamnesis training, group analysis and practical prescription issues, supervision of the own patients, and manufacturing of a remedy. In June, a video seminar on nosodes took place. This year there were no participants from Guatemala and Salvador. The two pharmacists from Guatemala have returned to Spain, and in Salvador an on-site assistance  is asked for. At the time, participants from 3 projects are still on the training: NPH, Nuevo amanecer, and Arca de esperanzas.

Helping others to help themselves

During the block courses in March the participants themselves started to teach. After a short preparation time they were asked to lecture on pharmacological pictures as well as theoretical topics. The results were good. Meanwhile, employees of the Red Cross Honduras are trained by 2 participants.

Start  of a new study group

During the last general meeting in September 2001 the decision fell to abandon the Honduras project if it did not come to an account coverage until March 2002. This meant at the same time that in spite of the enormous demand a further training moved far out of reach. In order not to put the Hondurans off any longer, I rejected their request. This lead to hard resistance. The Hondurans decided to found the Association for Classical Homeopathy Honduras. Upon my visit in March I started to train this group. It consists of 35 doctors, naturopaths, and nurses – the biggest group is formed by the doctors (including pediatricians and pediatric surgeons). I was able to win Dr. Karl Robinson from Houston in June 2002 for a collaboration. He works for HOG USA and teaches in Cuba. He has known NPH for a long time and has visited the children's village several times. His lessons in Honduras were met with a highly positive feedback. The Honduran association will invite lecturers on its own account in the future. The local work is still voluntary. Prof. Dr. Köster agreed on a cooperation. He will take over part of the lectures from 2004 on. The group meets every two weeks in working groups.

The readiness to work voluntarily in children's villages is enormous. Dr. Vasquez works homeopathically a whole day per week in the internal clinic of the children's village. Prof. Dr. Destre, a lecturer for pediatrics at the university  in Teguscigalpa, is the head of the internal clinic at NPH Honduras and has become an enthusiastic supporter of homeopathy.

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"Libre, Soberana e Independiente"

(= spanish for "Free, souvereign and independent")

Official language: Spanish

Capital: Tegucigalpa

Form of government: presidential republic

Surface area: 112.090 km²

Population: 7.989.415

Population density: 68,2 pro km²

Currency: Lempira

National hymn: Tu bandera es un lampo de cielo

National holiday: 15 September (1821 - independce day