How it all started… Kenya 2004

"Karibu“  means  “welcome“ and is the word we hear most often when we travel in Kenya. We have accepted an invitation to Kenya which developed from personal contacts with the District Hospital in Lamu. Here about 30 traditional midwives have already been trained in the basics of obstetrics.
At the beginning of our work there were a lot of questions. We are going to teach traditional midwives most of whom can neither read nor write:

- How can we teach illiterate people?
- What kind of problems around birth seems to be most obvious and urgent there?  
- To what extent do the midwives already use Kenyan medicinal plants?
- Is medical care ensured if there are problems?

In the meantime collective visions have evolved from these doubts. The interest here encourages us again and again to pursue these visions.
For us it is important to analyze our work critically all the time, adapt it to the local needs and to work as partners for a common aim as partners.

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