Travel report April 2011

Kenia is waiting for rain, and the suffocating heat on Lamu gives reason to hope that it will soon start falling. We are grateful that the gravel roads, by which we reach Lamu from Mombasa within nine hours, are not flooded yet.

Margit, Karin and me are travelling for HOG, Helmut is accompanying us on behalf of “Solidaritaet eine Welt Schwabmuenchen” (solidarity one world), who support our partner organisation CBO Lamu Homeopathy concerning leasing premises for offices and practices, libraries and so on.

We have hardly arrived when Mama Nanzo, a midwife, visits us in our guesthouse because she has heard that Katrin is joining us as a midwife. She leads us to the outskirts of the town to a young woman advanced in pregnancy. After a short examination of the belly an impressive expert talk arises between the two midwives, language is of minor importance, substituted by varied gestures. Mama Nanzo speaks Kisuaheli, Katrin speaks English, but they understand each other without words.

Immediately we have immersed to this way of life but we have to get used to the tardiness. Although all students know that there is an exam for the “Certificate I” of basic instruction, they arrive very slowly or not at all. This is hard to understand by our German point of view. Pole, pole, slowly is the motto. Margit and I can remember, and Katrin will have understood by the end of our trip.

On the second and third teaching day the tension is rising among our students. We copy the mindmaps from the board which Karin creates, while Margit and I repeat what has to be known for the exam.

Day of the exam, tension can be sensed in the silence. We distribute the written exam. In the following oral exam we discuss the given answers and ask more questions in groups of two. All 14 students pass.

Motivated by their successs, a spontanuous general meeting of CBO - Community Based Organisation Homeopathy Lamu - is arranged, important positions are re-elected. We are asked to organize a big ceremony with guests of honor being invited. We fix a financial limit and ask ourselves how the guests of honor will be invited up to tomorrow morning.

We yeald to the flow and are impressed that the guests of honor really are sitting at the table with us the next day, while schedule still is being written. One student prints it out and the ceremony officially begins with a prayer. The guests are called one by one, and they talk, compliment and deliver the certificates to our students.

A great success for “our” little CBO Lamu Homeopathy.

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