Great visions – Small steps

Telling stories is one of the great passions of the people of Kenya.

Dreams are woven into these stories, and in doing so those dreams become so vivid that reality seems to be the twin sister of the vision.

So we, too, have exercised in dreaming, and together with the Kenyans we have created a vision:

Homeopathy as a cost-saving and effective medicine shall be available for all humans in the coastal region of Kenya, especially for the poor ones who usually cannot afford a good medical treatment.
There are homeopathically trained midwives, traditional healers, and/or health workers in the rural and medically underprivileged regions. In the bigger villages health centers have been built where well-trained native homeopaths treat people and spread their knowledge among others. Skilled pharmacists produce the homeopathic drugs and offer them at low prices.
The homeopaths discuss their experiences, meet in working groups and constantly broaden their knowledge. In this way, homeopathy in Kenya is ever refining, especially through the inclusion and investigation of local traditional medical plants.

Soon homeopathy in Kenya will stand on a sound basis and will not need our help anymore. This complies with the main principle of HOG: helping others to help themselves.

Dreams can be big and powerful.

Our dream has already generated a tender plant. One initial aim has been achieved: 30 midwives from Lamu and its surroundings are successfully employing homeopathy in acute situations.

Spreading information in Kenya does not need elaborate public relations. Conversation has a high value and nobody here will allow being deprived of the time for that. So the impact of the small white globules has spread around quickly in Lamu and its surroundings.
The interest has been awoken. Medical personnel from the hospital, traditional healers, and health workers have come to us with the desire for a basic homeopathic training, not least for gathering multipliers.

Therewith the next intermediate goal has been born: a complex homeopathic training for multipliers.

As a prelude to this planned basic training, we have been invited in March 2009 to “Maulidi”, the biggest religious festivity in Lamu, in order to make the population better acquainted with homeopathy by treating them in a “free clinic” during four days.

In July 2009, the first instruction block of the basic training is starting with 25 students. It deals with the treatment of acute diseases during the first one and a half years and will then continue with an advanced training course for chronic diseases.

The next step is the training of teachers among colleagues. In that way, homeopathy can be effectively consolidated in Kenya and an ongoing supervision of the midwives will be ensured.

We have come one step closer to our vision:

Spreading and establishing this very effective, cost-saving medicine devoid of adverse reactions in Kenya.

Birgit Atzl
Janina Huppertz

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Many small people in many small places doing many small things can change the vision of the world.


Official languages: Swahili and English
Capital: Nairobi
Surface area: 580.367[1] km²
Population: 38.610.097 (2009)[2]
Population density: 66,5 inhabitants per km²