Macedonia, November 2004

Our group has been teaching for four years now in Macedonia. All volunteers dedicated a lot of motivation and power with just a small break during the riots in summer of 2001. It is admirable how they found energy and time to translate the teaching material and to deepen their knowledge in task forces despite the difficult circumstances.


We are making progress

This year we could conduct the exams at the end of basic instruction. Three of the 18 participants passed with extraordinary results, there will be a surprise for them at the awarding of the diploma in February 2005: the Belgian homeopathist Dr. Frederik Schroyens donated three of his books with a dedication of their great achievements.

Now the second part of instruction has started: we supervise the Macedonian colleagues who are working on their own in the training practice. Passing the exams gave them new self-confidence in their homeopathic work.


How we will proceed:

In future we want to offer several supervisions and seminars in order to complete the detaching and to grant continuous work. In addition to teaching we are confronted to the big task of translating basic literature into the national language. Thus homeopathy can reach many people.

The financial difficulties could be reduced by many donations. The generous donation of the Archibel publishing company enabled us to equip all students with repertories. More teaching material could be bought by donations. Thank you to all supporters! Without their help our help would not be possible

Thank you very much to Brita Gudjons for her regular support by donating homeopathic remedies and her commitment in Macedonia in 2005 by introducing a group of pharmacists and students to producing homeopathic remedies.

Nikolaus von Glasenapp and Christine Lauterbach



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