Travel report, Macedonia October 2007

October 2007

Who could imagine seven years ago that we really would open the first homeopathic practices in Skopje and Bitola? The dream of a small homeopathically interested group became true: after five years of HOG teaching, 20 women passed their exams and can treat children and grown-ups as homeopaths now. You need a lot of courage to start a new practice on your own, to meet challenges and to work with ill people.

Some of the Macedonian homeopaths rather treat acute illness, other even have the heart not only to treat cough, cold, croakiness but also allergies, asthma, hormonal disorders, immune mediated diseases or epilepsy.

Treatment of a 13-year-old boy, at hospital due to meningitis, was a special experience. His mother insisted in homeopathic treatment due to the limited help of conventional medicine. The homeopathic treatment stabilized the boy’s condition considerably, so that his mother, a medical doctor, decided to study homeopathy.

In all cases it was great to see how patients developed fundamental confidence in “their” homeopath and recommended them to others.

It was amazing to experience collaboration and helpful support of the group: they meet regularly, exchange experiences, discuss difficult cases and deepen their knowledge.

The old premises had to be given up due to the high rent. Now they use premises in the outskirts for their meetings. Somebody has offered it without charge but it is difficult to reach it. Therefore the group is looking for better premises to install a practice for all homeopaths willing to work there and to hold meetings there.

The love of homeopathy unites the group and permits mutual support and exchange of medical and non-medical practicioners.

Also in 2008 we will offer supervision, on the one hand to discuss difficult cases, on the other hand to support the new homeopaths in their job. They want to know e.g. “How do I not burn out by helping others? How can I relax after a day of treatment? How do I handle dying people? What can I do if a case affects me too closely?”

In this spirit we want to share our long experience with the Macedonian group and want to support them on their way to qualified homeopathic work.

Clementina Rabuffetti

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