Review of a successful Project


After successful instruction in Macedonia – thanks to many involved volunteers – there was a creative break concerning instruction. This time was used to start practices in Macedonia, to hold talks about homeopathy in order to publicize it, to coordinate task forces and to intensify contacts to international organizations like ECCH.

At longer intervals we, the HOG team, visit the colleagues in Macedonia, we offer further training in requested topics according to their needs. Some Macedonian homeopathists have got well-frequented practices, others continue their education internationally, which rejoices HOG colleagues much.

Sustainability is mostly important for a successful project, and our involvement in Macedonia has led to the first training programs in which our students pass their homeopathic knowledge on. They benefit from the experiences their German colleagues have made and who provided them with the HOG curriculum including a differentiated training program.


We wholeheartedly wish them joy and success.

Christine Lauterbach on behalf of the HOG Macedonia group

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