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It is our goal to introduce the people of Sierra Leone to classic Homeopathy. HOG has developed a programme consisting of 30 seminars with 16 hours of lecture each. This curriculum was developed according to international standards. We organised the training in such a way, that theory and practise are intertwined. We achieved this by establishing a field exercise clinic, in which the students can work parallel to their theoretical classes. After three years of training, the objective is to have the students ready to apply classic Homeopathy in their own clinic.

This Project will be achieved through the following methods.

Makeni, the capital of the Province “Northern”, as well as the district Bombali, is a city with roughly 95.000 inhabitants and located in the heart of the country, 120 km north-east of the capital of Freetown. There, two to three HOG Homeopaths will train 25 female and male nurses at the local medical school. The theoretical classes will take place in the morning and last for several hours, before the practical part will be added in the afternoon. In order to appropriately address the learning material, the practical classes will held in the villages of Worreh Makangri and Worreh Yemah, both around 30 minute drive away from Makeni. Training clinics have been established there to introduce the students to actual live treatments of patients. This way they will be able to directly apply their learned theoretical knowledge under professional guidance.

The focus of the project is the classic homeopathic training of the students. Eventually, they will be able to take what they have learned back to their villages and conduct homeopathic treatments by themselves. This way, we can manage to provide a long-term coverage of basic medical service for the people in the region.


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