It is done!

The first homeopaths in Sierra Leone

It is done! At the end of seven 2-week units of instruction all students have successfully passed the final exam – now they are able to treat acute illnesses according to the rules of classical homeopathy.

During this trip form 24 April to 11 May 2014 we went through an intensive repetition in the first week, we crammed differential diagnosis in tabular form and trained theory and repertorisation. The second week from 6 May on was reserved for the exam.

In the written exam, a so far unknown phenomenon occurred – seven minutes before the official beginning ALL students were there! Their excitement and tension were clearly perceptible. As they are generally very socially-minded, they would have preferred to sit even more closely together…

The results were pleasing and very pleasing, all of them had studied until late at night and had interrogated each other in the morning – most of them had been very diligent, even the peculiar, characteristic symptoms of paragraph 153 were mastered impeccably.

In the practical exam, the students had to prove that they were able to apply homeopathy independently and responsibly – including anamnesis, the choice of symptoms and their weighting, the choice of the most similar homeopathic remedy and its distinction from other remedies, potency, dosage, and advice to the patients.

On Friday, 9 May, at 11 o’clock the time had come: the grand finale – the presentation of the certificates – with a graduation ceremony. Especially for this ceremony the newly minted homeopaths got caps and gowns. Some honorary representatives from Makeni and its surroundings had been invited and held esteeming speeches. After a 2-hour ceremonial act there was food and music – all involved parties, including us, were overjoyed, gleamed, and danced. 

Our plans for the further homeopathic training of our former students are: build work groups, try to hold Skype conferences, include them in the instruction of the new study group, deepen the knowledge and lead them to the treatment of chronic diseases in separate instruction blocks, and supervision.

Some students already have a small practice room where they offer treatments as skilled nurses, partly with orthodox medicine, partly homeopathically. Mohamed A. says: “This method is very good for treating children, it is not necessary to hold them and force them to take the medicine – meanwhile I treat children almost exclusively with homeopathy.”

With regard to the country and the climate we can report that at the moment it is mango time in Sierra Leone – there was an abundance of mangos of all sorts, everywhere the fruits were beaten off the trees with sticks and offered for sale – we tasted and enjoyed.

May is the beginning of the rainy season. In the evening several times it poured with rain, including thunderstorm and lightning; it is common to draw the power plugs and listen to the sound of the approaching rain on the tin roofs – after fifteen minutes, everything is over.

The humidity is rather high. During practical work in the new clinic of Rorinka the paper often sticks to the arm – with God’s help and some fuel the generator can move the fans that have arrived by and by… and when the jerrycan is empty one has to sweat again.

The daily routines were as usual: in the morning theory in the polytechnic of Makeni, in the afternoon practical work with patients – here as well the students demonstrated their skills by taking up anamneses more and more independently (see foto: treatment/Doris examines) and proposing ideas for specific remedies for the acute ill.

We are happy and thankful about the successful completion of this training section, 11 students have received their certificates. We sincerely thank our cooperation partner, the association “Sierra Leone Baden-Württemberg” with its chairman Debali Konteh and its other members, our world-beating coordinator Mr. Yembeh Mansaray, and our donators for the good collaboration and the reliable support. We are looking forward to a reunion with the first homeopaths in Sierra Leone!

Barbara Böttcher und Ruth Rohde

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