Travel report February 2010

… it is hot. 37° Celsius. We are constantly soaked in sweat. We are in Africa, Sierra Leone, on our way for Homöopathen ohne Grenzen e.V. (HOG) (Homeopaths without borders). We are on our way to bring our knowledge into this country and what we experience is almost impossible to express.

We work under very basic conditions in a dusty hut on the countryside with poeple who translate for us. We are 3 women. We treat 30 patients each on our first day which rises up to 60 patients a day. Many of them suffer from severe sickness and infections. Others are victims of war with worst psychic traumas.

We see Illnesses with a bad course: Elephantiasis, rashs and paralysis. A women was carried to us with a stiff leg, 3 days later she walked by herself. Everyone ist full of enthusiasm about the homeopathic treatment. Our stay is spread like a wildfire. Right now hundreds of patients come to us after walking for miles. We have to work with waiting lists to cope with so many patients. When we have to leave without seeing them all they protest.

Our translators are teachers or medically experienced people that are highly ambitious to learn from us and to get to know our medicine. We want to come back and teach them how to treat with Homeopathy. The people here are very poor. They live in dirty huts with contaminated water and not enough Food to ally their hunger.

There is also no medical care in this part of the land. The people here show us their huts openly. They are very friendly and thankful towards us and thoughtful with each other. Above all old folks have their place in the community. Even we are very well looked after.

The people here want us to come back – and we will come back.

Our Aim is to start an educational project for Classical Homeopathy in Sierra Leone in cooperation with reliable partners. We will start our preparations for this project now and hopefully we will have a plan of action at the end of the year.

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