Fresh wind in homeopathy

Homeopathy has a long tradition in Sri Lanka, lack of promotion made it sink during the last decades. Now there are only a few well-educated homeopathic therapists in Sri Lanka.


The predecessor of the acting Minister of Indigenous Medicine was already concerned about improving the desperate situation of homeopathy. Luckily the acting Minister Hon. Salinda Dissanayake continues this intention. E.g. Indian universities collaborate in order to provide students of medicine in Sri Lanka with a well-founded homeopathic education.

In order to revitalize homeopathy not only well-educated homeopathic therapists but also noticeable awareness and popularity among the population are essential.  

Neglecting academic discussions homeopathy convinces especially at First Aid by quick and impressive healing effects. We finance instruction of layperson in the topics “injuries” and “frequent acute diseases”, this engagement does not only improve the medical situation in rural regions. Interest in homeopathy among the population is raised due to quick recovery of manpower, consultations of a doctor, which are expensive and far away, or even stays in hospital may sometimes become superfluous after obtaining First Aid by well-educated homeopathic therapists.


Much depends on the political development in Sri Lanka during the coming years – also concerning homeopathy. The path is cleared, together with our partners in Sri Lanka we curiously look ahead to the homeopathic future of this country.




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Sri Lanka Info

Area:65 610 km²
Population:app. 20.5 Mio, 80% Sinhalese, 10% Tamils, 7% Sri Lankan Moors, 0.8% Burghers

Buddhism 70%, Hinduism 15%, Islam 7.5%, 

Christianity 7.5% (source: Wikipedia)

Languages:Sinhala and Tamil, English as language of education and commerce
Life expectancy:72 years