The Catastrophic Monsoon of 2011

In January and February 2011 the monsoon reaches unprecedented dimensions, resulting in the worst floods in decades.

Six years after the tsunami, and less than two years after the end of the civil war, many people once again experience the utter destruction of their existence. Countless homes are rendered uninhabitable by the floods, 800,000 people need to be housed in emergency shelters. For weeks, the roads are impassable in some areas. Normal food distribution becomes difficult or impossible.

Sewalanka Foundation, the major non-governmental, humanitarian organization in Sri Lanka provides help to the people in this acute situation. In Sri Lanka, one can achieve a lot with little money: a week’s supply of clean drinking water costs around 7 Euro per family. As little as 20 euros are enough to provide basic food staples to one evacuated family for a week.

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Sri Lanka Info

Area:65 610 km²
Population:app. 20.5 Mio, 80% Sinhalese, 10% Tamils, 7% Sri Lankan Moors, 0.8% Burghers

Buddhism 70%, Hinduism 15%, Islam 7.5%, 

Christianity 7.5% (source: Wikipedia)

Languages:Sinhala and Tamil, English as language of education and commerce
Life expectancy:72 years