Earthquake in Bam, 2003

On Dec. 26, 2003 an earthquake in the south of Iran completely destroyed Bam, a city of 100.000 inhabitants. 40.000 people were killed, many more were disabled and the witnesses of the disaster are traumatized until today.

In the middle of 2004, a first exploration took place in Iran.   We contacted public authorities in Bam and in Teheran, and were supported by the Ministry of Health, who urgently requested us to concentrate on the treatment of orphan children and paraplegics.

In Teheran, we met Iranian homeopaths, the WHO encouraged us to proceed. The aim of the project was to provide homeopathic emergency aid for the victims and to establish Homeopathy in Bam by training local doctors and health workers.   From the beginning it was hard to meet the financial needs it took to establish a practice in Bam. Furthermore, the political situation became increasingly difficult. Supported by the Ministry of Health in Teheran and by local public authorities, we started homeopathic treatments in 2005. Every two month, a delegation of Homeopaths without borders flew to Bam for a period of two weeks. We treated 12 hours a day, gave lectures, negotiated concerning future trainings. Negotiations with homeopaths in Teheran had concluded the agreement, to jointly offer trainings and share the practice in Bam ? then everything broke off in the end of 2006.  

Three years had passed since the earthquake, the state of emergency was offset, many changes occurred. Although the governing mayor urgently desired for us to continue our project, the new public health officer refused permission to practice - he indeed told us clearly, that we were needed no longer. So we finished the project in the beginning of 2007.  

In conclusion: from the middle of 2005 until the end of 2006 we treated 200 people homeopathically. Most of the traumatized are now taking psychotropics or do not get any treatment at all.   Within our means we were able to render some emergency aid, but we did not manage to establish Homeopathy in Bam. Our special thanks go to those, having supported us in our sometimes quite challenging task.

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