Report Bam - October, 2005

Report of our Stay in Bam - October, 2005

Objective: Development of the relations in Teheran:

  • in the health ministry
  • at the university


Development of the relations in Bam:

  • in the health centre
  • with the  local NGO's
  • Strengthening of the contact with the German embassy in Teheran
  • Search for local employees in Bam
  • Search for a temporary lodging in Teheran
  • Search for a temporary lodging in Bam and perhaps Internet connection.
  • Question of the licensing of homoeopathist


Result and recommendations

a. HOG has been recognised in Iran as a NGO. Mr. Seddighi, as a government representative in Bam has given the licensing. HOG can also start other projects in Iran.

b. Dr. Arabi of the health ministry in Teheran, supports HOG. On the question of the recognition homoeopathist of the she said, it is in our responsibility whom we send to Bam.

c. Prof. Radmehr and Dr. Djavari of the university of Teheran would be glad about further cooperation with HOG. They judge the development as very positive and can imagine to develop something together at congressional level or seminar level.

d. In Bam other conversations were carried on with authorities, other NGO's and the WHO with the aim of further cooperation.

e. After short e-mail registration Mr. Fabig of the German embassy is available for conversation. The embassy can not guarantee financial help.

f. Mrs. Najmeh Marzan, long term Bam resident, is available to help HOG as an English translator. She has experience with NGO and has many contacts. If HOG is not present in Bam, she will represent HOG officially at the authorities. Mrs. Marzan who has an occupation can take off from work if needed with HOG.

g. Mrs. Parivash Shahabi is available for HOG as a German translator. She has helped us very much and is also ready to keep on working for HOG. She teaches in a Languageschool in Kerman and will work later at the university of Kerman. If HOG – help is needed she asks for early notification, so that she can organise her work at the university accordingly.

h. In Teheran we have the possibility to spend the night at the hotel Naderi for 15$ per person. The hotel is in the centre, near the German embassy. The breakfast is served in the new Naderihotel, 2 minutes by foot. Mrs. Jacobi is always willing to take host us, but with her five children, one can hardly expect of her to accommodate always new people.

i. As long as we go sporadic to Bam, a firm place there to stay is not needed because of the costs. Akhbar's Guesthouse is sufficient. For 8 nights and full board for two people we paid 150$. In Bam city houses are hardly available, most are destroyed, and the inhabitants are accommodated in containers. The situation will change only in the mid term. Containers could be a useful alternative for us due to the fact that house are build in Bam and containers  are released.

j. Arge-e Djadid In 15 km distance the new Bam is build , a little bit artificial city. The rents start at 500$ per month. The location has certain advantages. The Internet connections are quicker and better. Due to security patrols it is relatively secure. All NGO's have moved their offices to Arge-e Djadid. Also the tour operators have contract lodgings there. For cost reasons it is not possible for HOG to stay there at the moment.

k. Patients are available, however, the homoeopathy is unknown. The patients are used to consume bag-wise drugs. Elke prepared a practically oriented short description which describes intake and effect of the globules, translated by Mrs. Shahabi  into Farsi.

Elke Schulte-Güstenberg and Margaretha Sasker

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