Travel report November, 2005

Dr. Ahmady, a doctor who started with the homoeopathy education at the University of Teheran, worked here for over 18 months as a military doctor. He organised two containers in the area of the Bahan Health centre for us and helps with many other things which we need, as for example a car, a heater, tea, dates, contacts and patients without end.

We make 25 first homoeopathic anamneses and other 35 patients come to the Follow up, i.e., they are further treated.

Beside the patients in the Bahan Health centre we also visit the paraplegic patients again. The treatment of this group appears to be a great challenge for us. The work with these several times traumatised people is welcomed very much by the Taskforce (central state coordination place) and charity Italy.

Another place of action of our work is the kindergarten for orphans and half-orphans. From every stay reports on the activities were send to the different co-ordinating places to Bam and to the health ministry.

Together with other 24 present NGOs (non-Government organisations) we introduced our work to the new governor of Bam at a meeting of the task Force.

In the Pasteur - hospital we get the possibility to give an introduction to the homoeopathy for more than 100 interested listeners. We report about our Bam project and introduce the "homoeopaths without borders". Our work as homoeopaths is seen by the other organisations with pleasure and is accepted by the patients well.

With Dr. Arabi and Dr. Ahmadi we will try to allow homoeopathy students of the University of Teheran an assistance with ourselves.

Fortunately, we have two wonderful translators, Najmeh Marsban and Parivash Shababi who are an inalienable help to our work not only because of her good linguistic proficiency, but also her cultural affiliation and knowledge of the local structures.

We are aware that there is still some inadequacy with the elevation of the case history which is caused on the one hand by our unawareness of the Iranian culture and to the other by the mistake possibilities of the translation, but we have learnt by the possibility of the exchange quite incredibly a lot.

During our absence both interpreters act as our representatives. They will find out about the local conditions of an association foundation. Moreover, Parivash translates or writes at the moment new patient's information (for give away) with an easy description of the homoeopathy and some tips for taking of the homoeopathic means.

During our stay in Bam we live in Akbar Guesthouse. There we are supplied with good and diverse food and can work out the anamneses during the night.

There will be a lot of work in Bam in future. Our team must grow.

In summer, 2006 we want to begin with the homoeopathy lessons.

Sonja Gasparini and Jutta Laurentius

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