How to become a HOG member ?

Why should you become a member?

How to become a HOG member


Why should you become a member?

Quite simply, because you want to support our work, because you think it’s important to spread homeopathy to countries with no health care system available for all people.

- because you want to support sustainable development work in health care.

- because you work well in a team and you hold homeopathy in high esteem.

- because you want to offer your experiences and abilities to humanitarian projects.


Who is urgently needed?

Of course therapists, physicians, nonmedical practicioners as well as midwives, who have experience both in practicing and teaching classical homeopathy. But we also are looking for people with other abilities:

- translators for English, Spanish, French

- psychologists who can help us if volunteers return traumatized from a project

- teachers who can hold seminars in didactics

- people skilled in public relations

- people able to write articles, e.g. journalists

- people who can help finding donators for projects

- people who would attend an information desk at events

- people who take minutes at projects

Shortly people having ideas and willing to work in a vital team. And we also need people supporting us financially. Even if most of our work is done voluntarily, we need money for trips and organisation.

Your reward is participating at the wonderful idea of spreading homeopathy to the world in order to offer people help to help themselves.

How to become a member?

Contact our office in Hamburg

by email: info(at)

by mail: HOG-Geschaeftsstelle, Bernstorffstr. 117, 22767 Hamburg

by phone: +49 40 43 27 47 02


Or print the application form “Antrag auf aktive Mitgliedschaft” and send it to our office. We will contact you.


Sponsoring membership

There also is the option of sponsoring membership.




As a member you support our work continuously and can participate in projects. Everybody who is interested in our work may become a HOG member. We need not only good homeopathists in projects but also volunteers from other professions. Flyers must be created, financial schemes generated, texts translated, visa applied for… The more qualified volunteers help us with these functions, the less expenses we have. Everybody is able to support our work.

As a member you also have an important controlling function. At general meetings you can ask the board members and the project managers for their work and you can take part in decision-making. For details please see the by-laws.

Support us!

every donation counts!


If you want to experience our work closely, please print and sign the application form and send it stamped to our office. Or become a member online without any expenses for postage.