You want to start a new project?

Starting a project

You have got a great project idea and want to realize it in collaboration with HOG? The mere wish to help somewhere is not sufficient. We need an official request from the country in which the project is planned to take place. HOG does only work on demand!

This request is sent via the HOG office to the first chairwoman. She will present this request at the next conference conference to the whole board. They will decide whether we are able to start a new project.

If the request is accepted, the official application has to be filed. It is essential to find volunteers now.


The application must state:

- the project country

- aim of the project (who shall be instructed)

- initiator of the project

- cooperation partners

- start of the project

- duration of the project

- expected total expenses

- expected expenses at the current year


The second chairwoman will assist at all questions concerning the project application.


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