Travel report October 2011


Travel report October 2011


On Wednesday, 28 September 2011, we happily arrived in La Paz after a 34-hour journey. During the descent it was already dark and the city with its golden lights lay beneath us like a glittering piece of jewelry.


A few steps on the airport grounds reminded us of the statement in the travel guide: “Walk slowly from the airplane to the terminal: 4000 m above sea level take their toll!” But we are equipped against mountain sickness: “Coca” (tea and C30) helps to adjust well and quickly to the altitude. Nevertheless, we have to schedule two days for acclimatization.


Instruction on the weekends

Our students arrived very motivated for the first instruction weekend. They had the last lesson two months ago. Between the teaching phases they had to rework the previous lessons, had some homework to do and were supposed to seize every opportunity to practice homeopathy, what most of them did diligently.


Teaching practice during the week

Meanwhile, after almost two years of homeopathic instruction, our students have the ability to conduct the anamneses with the patients by themselves. Therefore, we rather serve as supervisors.


On Tuesday morning we make a house call at a severely ill patient. This is an occasion to take a look at the homes and to see how people live in La Paz. Even though they are not poor, it becomes quite clear how blessed we are in Germany.


Second instruction weekend 8/9 Oct 2011

We started the lesson at 9 a.m. because for the following Sunday elections were envisaged accompanied by severe traffic restrictions.


I gave the lesson on “children with developmental delays and disabilities”. We had a lot of fun at the end of the day when the students tried to put on a “bufo face” (remedy “Bufo”, the toad).


On Sunday the topics were “vaccinations” and the remedy Thuja. In the teaching practice we had a very nice Thuja case, and we let student Henry as a trainee introduce this case, which he proudly did. Edith taught “affective and mental disorders”.


I think it was a successful weekend and we got good feedback from our students.


Second week of teaching practice

We often have to wait for trainees and patients (in Bolivia, appointments are not taken so seriously), instead, others come without an appointment – we just have to be flexible...


Third instruction weekend 15/16 Oct 2011

Last day of instruction because tomorrow there are the elections for the judiciary. We start earlier and finish later than usual.


Sunday, 16 Oct 2011

Today, a part of the judiciary will be elected, this means that everything grinds to a halt! No cars, buses or taxis are allowed to circulate, the stores are closed as well as most of the cafes and restaurants. Bolivians who do not vote will not be able to withdraw money from their bank accounts for three months. This must be well-considered!


Altogether, we had a lot of fun on this mission. Teaching the students, who were eager to learn, was great, work in the teaching practice was interesting, we had wonderful interpreters and were able to work well together. Our students were very committed to take care of us, especially on the instruction days they took care of the creature comforts.


Birgit Delleske und Edith Waldenmaier-Daon

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