Homeopathy One Conference

"Homeopathy One Conference“ Oktober 2017

Dr. Rajan Sankaran und Dr. Frederik Schroyens laden im Oktober 2017 zur spannenden Konferenz Homeopathy One Conference – Merging of Methods nach Brügge ein:

As we are all aware, our beloved Homeopathy is facing an extremely difficult time all over the world finding itself under massive attack by external opposition. The number of new entrants to Homeopathy is going down and many schools are facing big challenges. Our weakness in the Homeopathic profession is that we do not answer this predicament with one voice. There is a large number of different methodologies and schools in Homeopathy and a lack of awareness and communication between them.

What Homeopathy needs most is unity in the profession. We need to come together as One and speak with One voice.

To promote this goal, the otherwise competing software companies MAC REPERTORY and RADAROPUS have joined forces in the newly founded non-profit organisation Homeopathy One the sole purpose of which it is to unite and strengthen the homeopathic community as a whole.

Homeopathy One offers a platform for leaders and followers of all schools of thought – traditional and contemporary – to come together, so that we can start to hear each other and find unity in diversity.

We believe that coming together and sharing what we know is a symbol of our unity showing that all approaches have their place in the homeopathic armamentarium. With the following non-profit event, we are going to help the movement to a tangible, indelible, loving and positive boost:

Homeopathy One Conference – Merging of Methods –13 – 15 October, 2017 Bruges, Belgium

Eight internationally renowned speakers of different schools of thought immediately accepted to speak at the conference. Each of them is going to present their individual method. Following the presentation, some of the other speakers will comment on the main speaker’s presentation regarding the similarities and differences to their own approach, and what they find useful to be applied in their own practice.

Further Information about the event can be gathered on our website http://www.homeopathy-one.com With inquiries about the event, please write to info(at)homeopathy-one.com. Any profits from the conference will be used entirely to further the cause of Homeopathy One by being attributed to the following purposes.

1) The creation of a bimonthly Homeopathy One Newsletter in which we shall collect and announce homeopathy news from all over the world (legislation, seminars, provings etc. etc.)

2) Organizing future events where different schools come together

3) An independent committee of well-reputed homeopaths will invite applications from various homeopathic projects and allocate money to support them

Homeopathy One is a non-profit organisation registered with Belgian authorities. We see ourselves as initiators of a movement of unity, but we feel that the project should belong to the entire community.

This effort is only going to be successful if the entire community full-heartedly endorses the objective of creating unity and actively participates in this work.

Therefore, we are asking representatives of different organisations to become an active part of this movement as a supporting organisation. We would be happy to welcome representatives to the Homeopathy One Conference in Bruges and give a short speech to demonstrate their support for the cause of unity in Homeopathy.  Pre-recorded video greetings that we can play at the conference are also welcome. Also, we welcome organizations to become part of the Homeopathy One umbrella newsletter and have their events and information announced. We collect news from all over the world and send it out to all corners of the homeopathic community. 

We feel that the newsletter will coordinate and integrate the movement, but it will depend on active participation by all groups, otherwise it will be difficult to manifest the unity we so desperately need. Please get in touch, get involved and be part of this movement! We are eagerly awaiting your reply to info(at)homeopathy-one.com

Your engagement is essential to achieve unity in Homeopathy. Let’s get there together!

Dr. Rajan Sankaran, President Homeopathy One

Dr. Frederik Schroyens, Co-President Homeopathy One

Website: http://www.homeopathy-one.com

E-mail: info(at)homeopathy-one.com

Unterstützen Sie uns!

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